A Framework for Analysing Converter-Machine Hybrid Power Systems

Yunjie Gu


The combination of power systems dominated by rotating machines with the emerging power-electronic interfaced resources brings together two different modelling perspectives. Rotating machines focus on mechanical states (angle, frequency) represented by the envelop-dynamics of the fundamental signals, and power electronics, on the other hand, focus on electrical states (current, voltage) and take more detailed looks into the harmonic-dynamics inside the fundamental cycle.  This talk sets up a framework to unify the two perspectives by proving that mechanical states is fully observable from electrical impedance if the reference frame is properly selected, and the harmonic-dynamics in the impedance can be truncated in analysing envelop-dynamics based on multi-scale theory.

Speaker Biography

Dr Yunjie Gu is a Research Fellow at Imperial College London sponsored by UKRI Innovation Fellowship. His work is focused on the analysis and technologies for the dynamic stability and real-time control of a power-electronic-dominated power grid. Before he joined Imperial, he worked at GE Global Research Centre and was the major author for GE’s “White Paper on Grid Integration of Renewable Energy”.

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