FPGA-based simulations for power electronics and power systems applications.

Yahia Bouzid


The Energy sector, including power systems and power electronics is currently deeply changing. The emergence of decentralized energy resources introduces a new paradigm in the way these electrical systems are controlled, as they are becoming more complex, distributed and connected. Simulation has never been such a useful tool, allowing researchers, engineers and operators to better imagine, design and operate these complex systems. With a higher demand of high-end services, control systems are becoming more complex and accurate, and protection or supervision devices more demanded. Simulation models representativeness is at the center of the paradigm, and it’s commonly accepted that smaller simulation time-steps are a crucial factor for the accuracy of these models. FGPA processors are already widely used in various industries, as they allow real parallel execution of low-level code, ensuring very fast and accurate simulations. However, programming them remains a challenge in many cases, and this is part of the most advanced R&D activities at OPAL-RT Technologies.

Speaker Biography

Yahia Bouzid received his MSc. in Electrical Engineering from INSA Lyon (France) in 2005. After 6 years of work in the Automotive and Aerospace industries, focusing on software development, test automation, and HIL test bench integration, he joins OPAL-RT in 2011, as Field Applications Engineer. He's now leading the European technical team, responsible for tech support, training courses, project management and pre-sales activities.

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