Amplitude/Frequency Modulation Dynamics for Future Electric Grid

Xiaoming Yuan


Recent overwhelming growth of power electronics has been transforming from the fundamentals the phenomenon, mechanisms and mathematics of the electric grid. The amplitude-frequency modulation dynamics theory, builds upon understandings of the roles of source/load devices and the networks connecting them, as well as interactions of nonlinear properties among the devices, on the balancing of active and reactive power in each device as well as amplitude/frequency performance of the device's internal voltage, serves as generalized and systematic theory for modelling, analysing and controlling the dynamics of the grid. It consists of new concepts based upon recent discoveries in fundamental mechanisms and mathematics in general AC systems, and applicable both to existing problems in conventional grid, as well as challenges with power electronics in the emerging new generation of electric grid.

Speaker Biography

Dr Yuan is a professor at Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tec. China. He served the General Electric Company before his academic career at several positions including electrical Chief Engineer for its global research centre in Schnectedy NY. He is one of the pioneers in the research direction of large scale power electronics grid, and he developed the amplitude-frequency modulation dynamics theory for analysing complex AC systems.

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