Speech Title: Protection of Future Power Systems

​Strathclyde University, UK

Prof Campbell Booth

Speech Title: Towards Grid of the Future

GE Grid Solutions, UK

Dr Richard Zhang

Speech Title: Power Electronics role in meeting the challenge of “Net Zero” by 2050

 National Grid Venture, UK

Dr Christopher Smith

Speech Title: Amplitude/frequency modulation dynamics for future electric grid

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Prof Xiaoming Yuan

Speech Title: Capabilities of Power Electronics Interfaced Devices for Enabling the Energy Transition

TenneT, Netherlands

Mr Jan van Putten

Speech Title: Standardization of Renewable Energy Grid Integration

State Grid, China

Dr Yongning Chi

Speech Title: FPGA-based simulations for power electronics and power systems applications

OPAL-RT, Canada

Mr Yahia Bouzid

Speech Title: GB System Operation with increasing penetration of Power Electronic converters

 National Grid ESO, UK

Mr Djaved Rostom 

Can large offshore wind farms deliver black start in modern power systems?

Ørsted, Denmark

Dr Łukasz Kocewiak

Speech Title: Power Semiconductors for Grid Applications

 Dynex Semiconductors

Dr Daohui Li

Speech Title: Advances in Modeling Bulk Power System Inverter Based Resources and Distributed Energy Resources in an Evolving Power System


Dr Deepak Ramasubramanian

Speech Title: Transient Stability of Inverter-Based Resources

Aalborg University, Denmark

Prof Xiongfei Wang

Speech Title: A Framework for Analysing Converter-Machine Hybrid Power Systems.

Imperial College, UK

Dr Yunjie Gu

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