Capabilities of Power Electronics Interfaced Devices for enabling the Energy Transition

Jan van Putten


The power system is undergoing a transition towards a situation where power electronics interfaced devices are the norm. This is driven by the ongoing transition towards a low carbon society where the conventional synchronous generators are phased out and replaced by renewable energy sources that are connected via power electronics.
In the CIGRE working group C2/B4.38, it is identified on the one hand which challenges are caused in system operations by the energy transition and on the other hand how the power electronics can help in solving these challenges.

Speaker Biography

Jan van Putten currently is a policy maker in the international development team of the system operations department from TenneT NL, the Dutch TSO. Jan has long experience in the industry and has been involved in the development of several HVDC interconnections, for example BritNed. Over the past decade Jan was leading several groups in ENTSO-E and in CIGRE focussing on the use of HVDC and power electronics.

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