GB System Operation with increasing penetration of Power Electronic converters

Djaved Rostom


The GB Electricity System is undergoing a substantial transformation driven by the increasing focus on the decarbonisation and centralisation of energy systems. The shift from large rotating synchronous machines to power electronics-based generation brings about number of operational challenges to the Nationalgrid Electricity System Operator (NGESO). In this presentation, you will learn about the technical, commercial and regulatory challenges as well as the range of activities and projects that NGESO is undertaking to ensure that the electricity system remains operable as we move to a more sustainable energy system.

Speaker Biography

Mr Djaved Rostom is a Power System Engineer with 12 years of experience in the electricity industry and is currently working for the Nationalgrid Electricity System Operator, ensuring that the electricity system of the future remains operable, reliable and affordable for the end consumers.  His role primarily involves conducting a wide range of detailed technical analysis to assess the impact of changing generation and demand landscapes on the GB transmission system and identifying a range of whole-system solutions to address future operability risks. 
Prior to starting joining Nationalgrid, he has worked on the development and testing power converters for windfarms and HVDC links. 

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