Advances in Modeling Bulk Power System Inverter Based Resources and Distributed Energy Resources in an Evolving Power System

Deepak Ramasubramanian


The presentation will provide an insight into recent research advances in representation of bulk power system connected inverter based resources and distributed energy resources for the purpose of transmission planning studies. The recently developed REGC_C model and DER_A positive sequence models will be highlighted, and a method of parameterizing its variables would be discussed along with case studies to show the robustness of the developed models. 

Speaker Biography

Deepak Ramasubramanian is a Senior Engineer Scientist at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in the Grid Operations and Planning Group of the Power Delivery and Utilization Sector. 
His research work is in the area of modeling, control and stability analysis of the bulk power system with recent focus on the associated impacts of large scale integration of converter interfaced generation. He is part of a team working on improving the present state of the art mathematical simulation models for these converter interfaced resources for use in both steady state and transient time domain simulations. His work also assesses the impact of the stochastic uncertainty of renewable resources on the bulk power system. He is also involved in testing and model development of variable frequency drives. 
He is the secretary of the IEEE Power System Dynamic Performance (PSDP) Committee Task Force on modeling and simulation of large power systems with high penetration of inverter-based generation. He is a recipient of an Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) Excellence Award, North American SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI) Outstanding Graduate Student Award, and the Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO) Power System Award. 

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