Power Semiconductors for Grid Applications

Daohui Li


Power semiconductor devices are playing as a crucial role in power conversion and power transmission of smart grid and renewable energy applications. In last 2-3 decades, insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and wide bandgap SiC and GaN are the leading power semiconductor devices to drive power electronics systems into high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, high operating frequency, flexible controllability. Those characteristics relate to semiconductor devices conduction and switching loss, packaging material insulation capability and long-term reliability under different environment scenarios. This talk will mainly introduce latest development of high power, high voltage IGBT modules for grid applications, focusing on module design, packaging material selection, manufacturing process and power semiconductor reliability.

Speaker Biography

Dr Daohui Li is module technology group manager at R&D Center in Dynex Semiconductor Ltd, Lincoln. His current work is focused on development of traction, electrical grid, automobile used high power IGBT and wide bandgap (SiC/GaN) module products, including packaging design, simulation, material, process, manufacture and reliability. Before he joined Dynex, he worked on nonlinear dynamics investigation of microwave devices at Queen Mary University of London.

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