Protection of Future Power Systems

Campbell Booth


This talk will cover a range of issues associated with future power systems, with a particular focus on the power system of Great Britain. It will be shown how the changing nature of generation, coupled with other changes to the structure and operation of the power system, is introducing a number of challenges. These challenges are primarily associated with a “weakening” of the power system due to the replacement of a relatively small number of large generators, typically connected directly at the transmission level, with a relatively very high number of smaller scale generators, many of which are connected at the distribution level, and interfaced to the power system via power electronics converters. This is already leading to reducing fault levels, increases in frequency dynamics following major disturbances due to falling levels of inertia, and a number of other issues, all of which will require enhanced and novel approaches to the monitoring, protection and control of the power system. The talk will focus on power system protection – presenting an analysis of challenges, examples of potential (and observed) problems, an overview of the importance of grid codes and standards, and insight into ongoing and future research that will be required to meet the aforementioned challenges. 

Speaker Biography

Professor Campbell Booth is presently the Head of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. This is one of the largest departments in Europe, with 76 academics, 100+ research staff, 200+ PhD students and a taught student population of in excess of 1,000. Professor Booth has established a portfolio of research in the areas of power system protection, control and monitoring, working with a range of government and industrial funding partners. His work has been commercialised via a spinout company (Synaptec). He is the technical them lead at the £12.5M Power Networks Demonstration Centre at Strathclyde, and has authored 200+ journal/conference papers. He was overall Chair of the IET International DPSP conference in 2018, is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an IET member, and active in CIGRE. He remains involved in teaching, training, and a range of external engagements.

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